TBAmembershipiPad Going into this membership campaign we knew there were two obstacles: almost all synagogues in the U.S. have been losing members for years; and this was a year our two (married) rabbis left, which often means members leave to find a synagogue with an established rabbi.

We decided to be proactive and reach out to Jewish people looking for a new synagogue, and followed up with a targeted email. Even though people join temples throughout the year, there is a huge spike in the fall right before the High Holy Days, so we sought extremely specific demographics in Facebook Ads and searches using Google Ads.

The campaign itself revolved around our actual members (not stock images), engaged with each other and enjoying our various events and programs; and I optimized responsive design to make sure their happy faces appeared throughout the emails. Since my research showed we could expect most new members to be young families, I made sure the photos focused on kids and their parents, and I wrote it to highlight our award-winning religious school and youth activities.

The campaign proved to be an enormous success: our membership not only went up, but more than any year previously.

  • Project Type: Email Design
  • Skills Needed: Photoshop, HTML/CSS, email automation